Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Project 4 : Art Video Emulation


Tuesday, September 24
1.) Reading 2 (Video Art)
Specific title : Busting the Tube : A Brief
History of Video Art. by Kate Horsfield
Should be doable in a single, 20 minute sitting. 8 pages.
With response questions on a post to blog as well.
"Access to advanced equipment was extremely rare and most early users of video had to work with a tiny selection of electronic equipment, usually just a black and white camera and recording deck. Editing equipment was expensive and very difficult to use; an edit could only be made through a laborious process of rewinding and marking points on each of the two reels tape, then hitting the edit button on the record and playback decks simultaneously. ...Regardless of the limitations of the early video equipment, it did have specific characteristics that were used in creative ways and the limitations of the medium often became a resource for aesthetic experimentation beyond simply recording an event or performance in front of a camera."

2.) Video choice to 'reenact' for Project 4.
Selected from the reading or THIS link-

There are hundreds to choose from.
This will make more sense upon reading project parameters.
We will go over selections in Tuesday's class with discussion.
We will view, in entirety or in portion, selection then.

Thursday, September 26

In-progress look at your Project 4s.
Upload any raw footage of project shot or rendered.
Photo documentation of your set or location of filming.
Explanation of your plan of how to accomplish your work.
Does not need to include ALL of these, but some
level of involvement in the project to this point.
By this point, you should have some material planned or done.

Tuesday, October 1

Project 4!
The turn in style?
Two ways.
1). Please upload to your YouTube, as usual.
Embed your project into blog with standard
paragraph artist statement. Process. Meaning.
How did either of those change in relationship
to the artist whose video you borrowed?
Also, with that, post the URL link to the
original video you have emulated.
2.) You will also burn a DVD of your project,
which we will go over in class leading up to
the turn-in. It is a fairly simple process.
★ ★ ★ ★

P R O J E C T  4

"Art Video Emulation"

(Learning from the birth of the medium.)

★ ★ ★ ★

 I shall literally give extra credit to who can name the artists
who created the work highlighted in these four images.
Email me before reading discussion.

CHRIS BURDEN. A 'television ad'.

BAS JAN ADER. A performance.

OVERALL ASSIGNMENT lies with this link : 
(UBUweb . A proud supplier of a large archive containing experimental video art.)

Choose ONE video clip from this webpage and choose carefully. Most of the fun in this is exploring. You will be shooting and editing your own version of the chosen clips preserving the soundtrack from the original source to be added to your video creation. When you have made your selection, by next class after the reading discussion I will have all audio tracks available. Important : If there is no audio in the video, you cannot select it.

(Disclaimer : As much as it pains me to say it, upon request of the establishment, Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice" is out of bounds for this assignment.)

This is an interpretive experiment. Be creative in how you approach. There are less restrictions on parameters, but with great power comes great responsibility. You are expected to very much recreate points of view, camera angles, timing, subject matter and related items of your chosen videos. In lieu of that, also be creative to yourself and personal conceptual goals. Make it your own, but a goal of the assignment is that the videos must be relatable to the original videos. You should be able to link them if they were to be played side by side. There are many hundreds of choices on this site - take some time to explore these many varied historical and contemporary works and have fun!

Ratio : Any. Standard (4:3) or widescreen (16:9).
Understandably, there are very long videos on the site as well as features. You may choose to emulate a portion of those longer-than-thou videos.

Equipment and techniques. You may use anything from a cell phone video camera, laptop webcam, to a high end HD camcorder. Up to you most definitely. Sadie Benning used a kid's camera from Toys R' Us. Bill Viola uses enough frames per second to make your head spin. I recommend you use Final Cut Pro to edit your work, as it will be the primary epicenter that will be taught through (though Adobe Premier is a nice choice too). Also, you may want to check out a DVD burning program (iDVD and/or DVD Studio Pro).

★ ★ ★ ★

Check in with Dillon, our lab technician, with any and all tools you may need! He will be in his office standard weekday hours (11-4) for equipment checkout and more. You can look to him for nearly any tech advice, but for this assignment, prod his brain for tips of video shooting, editing, and DVD burning). And of course, myself. I know my way around a video.

I will make more posts later detailing specifics about Final Cut Pro, DVD burning, and possibly more. And where to check out equipment!

★ ★ ★ ★

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