Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Installation Day! (Update)


video: 3

projection: 3

flyer: 4

label: 4

triptych: 3
erica lee

Show Title :     __________________  (We will vote on one as a class.) (Our half of show.)

TEAM VIDEO [I'll work most directly with you], x3 members, responsible for-

*Editing all videos on Final Cut Pro together according to specification.
*Learning on the fly or by experience basics of Final Cut Pro!
*All videos will be present on the timeline. We will 'curate' (arrange) them on the timeline.
*When complete, export as an HD (1280wx720h) res video. I'll direct you in this process.
*With that file, through iDVD, burn a 'looping' DVD! I will direct here as well.

TEAM PROJECTION [next in line I'll work directly with], x3, responsible for-
*The creative installation of the projected DVD in the actual Project NV gallery (208 A)!
*The main goal is to get the final DVD to project from the player on pedestal onto a wall large scale. Until you receive the final animation DVD at the end, you will test with a random DVD.
*Think creatively about the space in general as well! Does NOT just have to be projected video onto a wall. Project onto a cool surface? Make it pass through glass somehow? Fish around for materials in the digital labs that you could use to make our half of the room look exciting! NO PAINTING!!!!!!!!
! Make sure to collect DVD from TEAM VIDEO. Arrange the space beforehand.

TEAM FLYER [see me for 'printing'], x4 members, responsible for-
*IN CLASS making our show flyer AND flyer bombing the art building. Manage time wisely.
*Necessary things to include on images somehow : Show title, triptych images (find on the blog), the class name (Digital Media I), the INSTRUCTOR name, location (208A, Project NV Gallery) and etc.
*Flyers will be in color and letter size (8.5w"x11h"). We will print outside of class and post next Tue'.
*Use all liberties, skills, and creativity you've learned in creating this flyer. Make our show appealing!
*When done see me. With four members, distribute responsibility. Logo, text, background, etc.

TEAM LABELS/STATEMENT [see for 'printing'], x4 members, responsible for-
*Learning through access to the class blog (everyone's blog) the information of everyone's name and diptych assignment title to make into labels! Gather all that information and on a word file arrange them neatly. Example-
Jane Doe
(Insert Title of Piece Here)
Digital Triptych Montage  2013
*Make label for the projection. For name : DM1 (AM). Title : Show Title. Medium : Animation. 2013.
*While THAT is going on, 1-2 people in group write a statement to fit on ONE page of what the show is visually and is about conceptually. What ideas are being discussed in these images/animations? Include class name and show name at top. This will be printed and hung at a correct place at door.
*Label prints will be done on normal paper and 'sliced' on cutting board to be neat and organized.
*Place labels accordingly to each piece (via researching name to work)! Stick provided tape behind label to wall.

TEAM TRIPTYCH [see for 'boundary' issues], x3, responsible for-
*STEP 1 : Take all images (should be 54) to @One print lab and print each individually in 11x17 inch sizes. Go up to desk and ask for 18 specialty prints... 11x17... on cardstock (all they have). I'll give funds.
*Installing, in clean grid, ALL 18 diptych images on another wall in gallery. This should be adjacent to projection wall. OR team up with them… and create something more creative. Project somehow 'within' the triptychs?
*Accomplish placing images in the hall in whatever creative manner you choose. See me after discussing how you want to and before you actually place images. We will use pushpins to place them in.

!!! If your group is completely done, assist another

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