Thursday, September 26, 2013

DVD Burning!

Back again. By late-Sunday, you should be finalizing your projects for the home stretch. 

Understandable that shooting and editing video is no laughing matter beginner or advanced, the fun part (and this goes for most art) is installing the piece in its proper format. In our case, we will burn DVDs so each of your emulations are playable on it! It is straightforward and I will walk you through it below. For practitioners of digital art or aspirers, this is crucial knowledge I believe to know how to do this. If you have a clue or bluntly just know how, then more power to you! For those who want to know follow along.

WHAT YOU NEED BEFORE HAND : A DVD of course. They're everywhere. Walgreens. Best Buy. Wal-Mart. Target. No missing them. They come cheap too for sleeves of 5. DVD-R is recommended, though +R is okay too. DVD-R is write once format, which in the end is better.

On we go. The top finder menu contains in the MOVIES
folder of the user two examples we will be burning. It
is necessary for the files to be in there and you'll see why.
The finder window below is iDVD in the applications
folder. Double click iDVD to continue-

Create a new project!

You have typical options such as file name and
where to save it. Here's a thing to notice and
remember of your videos : Were they widescreen
or standard ratio? What will work best for me?
Select the proper one and CREATE-

What you'll see upon entering. We'll be putting
on media very soon. Lets double click "revolution
main" to change the title...

Peripheral things to alter, aside from the title which
is fairly important. We've changed it to "Jane Doe".

In the bottom right, you will have noticed three
options... THEMES, BUTTONS, and MEDIA.
Go from THEMES (current) to MEDIA. Now
you'll realize why we needed to put the videos
in the MOVIES folder. Click on that folder within
the iDVD interface to locate its contents. Drag in...

Now they are playable!
In fact, click on the play
button to preview the DVD.

It will look as it is in a player.

Clicking on DVDDemo_1...

Clicking on DVDDemo_2...

Up to you to decorate it, though I will not
count off for particularly uninspired designs
this time around. That one is just on your
own mental anguish if it is tacky.

Simply go here to take note of the
flow your DVD runs at. Make
sure there are no warning signs of
the sort. Now click on the BURN...

It will give you this prompt. Insert the DVD.

Now the waiting game...

Congratulations. Don't forget to also
upload to Youtube and post on the blog!

Good luck.

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