Monday, October 28, 2013

Object [ified] & Collage

In the hopefully rare case that someone cannot think of a single object or collage to do for Project 6, I took the liberty of arranging more examples. To start, these 23 items are all assets from a current 3D game project I am working on. All personal to a specific point in my life's timeline. Modeled in 3DS Max, for reference.

Some weekend in a loud living room.

After clinching the little league.

Trying to forget someone.

In a 115 degree bobtail truck.

Buried in a thrift store.

Adjustments to an initial dream.

Property of the university cage.

Bittersweet realities of higher education.

Why I wanted to be an artist.

Performing futile surgery on a toy.

The ten hours into Texas, for great grandpa's funeral.

Back and forth, in thought.

A lake where the camp counselors were bad.

I'd prefer no glasses, please.

After the seventh try at a license.

Archiving the ocean water 7500 miles away.

The wedding was in grandma's kitchen.

The mobile game awards in San Francisco.

The Saturday night, before Sunday morning.

The Vegas Strip on Oklahoma's 29th street.

Fall of an icon on Friday night.

We exchanged drawings and never saw each other again.

No gadget is without its carpenter.


In addition, I rounded up a small collection of neat images relevant to thinking about a collage. WHICH, I will leave more up to interpretation as far as the assignment goes (at least more than the object). The collage can be an actual place, if you are up to the challenge. As long as it is composed of a 'collection' of objects in space as opposed to just as single one. Though if you choose to be more detailed in your collage model, I encourage you to model it 'all the way'.

 The old fashioned still life you did a dozen
times in someone's foundation class.
Though, taken into context of a 3D model-

-it might serve for a unique perspective!
Sort of revisiting traditional art techniques
with something modern, more or less.

 And for example sake, a finished still life.
The materials (reflective colors, surfaces) not
done in SketchUp, of course. The form remains.

 The logo of SketchUp itself suggests something
very 'collage' like. An assortment of skyscrapers
in a city skyline. So why not a collage of 'buildings'?

Generally speaking. When looking harder, this
city skyline is very geometrical. The big sphere
and the 'boxes'. Mountains would be neat too.

Assembling a collage of 'buildings' in digital space
can make for a very interesting exercise. Especially
when framing it to your actual photograph/still.

San Francisco's skyline, in the instance you wish
to appropriate a place you have been to away.

Or thinking culturally, objects 'modelable' in SketchUp
that reference both the personal and environmental.
This object was made in SketchUp, detailed by
nice additions of groundcover material.

Just for reference : A virtual world collage.

How inventoried are the objects in your life?

Minecraft has spawned legions enthusiastic
3D modelers, whether they know it or not.
Though looking at this image, take into
consideration 'time management'.

And simply a couple of cool images. Architecture
in the shape of a gun. If you wish to get creative and
build some kind of 'life' within your objects or collages
in this manner (or relatable) manner, you may. Though
the relationship, much like the video emulations,
should be present. Do not stray too far away.

Even consider the microscopic. A closeup of
a computer chip and its capacitors looks
like a small civilization or collage in itself.
Though with great detail in such a small form,
 I expect you to stay true to it.


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