Tuesday, October 22, 2013

FAQ Post in SketchUp

Gang. For frequently asked questions that may be missed through class, demo, or critical to multiple people, I will update this post.

Q : Something that is needlessly difficult to do in SketchUp (thanks Google) is a sphere. How?

ALSO. If there is a Saturn-like ring around your new sphere, you can just delete those faces/lines without messing up the new sphere.

Q : How do I copy/paste an object in SketchUp?

You may clone it. Have the whole object selected, and use the move tool while holding down "Option" (or perhaps Control on a PC).

OR, you can simply copy and paste. I forgot we are not working in Autodesk. Brilliant.

Q : Can I transfer .skp files from Mac to PC, vice versa?

I would not advise it. I tried myself, and there are differences in the newest version for PC versus Mac. Mac has updated up to version 8, where PC is already at 13. This will result in confusion if operating on both types.

Q : I am applying the push/pull tool to a face of my object. I want to 'segment' my face as its own part of the object, and not just extend the existing segment. How?

Q : I'm working with a ring/cylinder/round object. How do I edit parts of it to slope it up or down? Make it more complex?

Q : Can I join objects together manually? Into one singular object?

Yes! Have both (or more) objects selected, right click, and go down to 'make group' or something to that effect. Though be sure you want that to happen. If not, have group selected, right click, and go to 'explode objects'. They will be singular again.

(To be cont.)


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