Thursday, December 5, 2013

Second Life : Final Protocol and General Know Hows

A chat primer for SL, incase you need to know that.
Usually helpful.

The basics for reference : WASD to move/turn. in respective directions. E-C to fly up and down.

ALT+CONT+F1 to disable HUD
Comm+Shift+3 : screen cap (MAC)
M, switch to first person

And lastly, our final meeting protocol-

S E C O N D   L I F E
F i n a l  M e e t i n g  P r o t o c o l  D i g i t a l  M e d i a  I


By 1:00, all of you should be on a 114 PC, in Second Life, and in the virtual world with us.
The sandbox where we will all meet. "Ocean Side, Icy Archipelago"

I will be volunteering to teleport those who are not already there to the location. In addition, S Sun (1-4) the final workshop time, I will be teleporting those who are online as well. I cannot send a teleport request to those offline. So be online if you wish to preemptively be there! That way, it will be a matter of just logging in to be present for the final. You can just teleport there at least 10 minutes before 1PM on final day as well. 114 should be available 12:30 onward.

We have the room reserved until 2:20PM, making our stopping point at latest be 2:15.

Rules of the trade.

1. Keep the text based chat civil during conversation! Speak as you would in class.
2. If the class is together in a location, please do not wander off.
3. Be with the final meeting until it is called off officially. Failure to remain in the final meeting for the duration (should take no further than an hour) is going to irk real life discrepancy from me and not just my avatar.
4. The sky is the limit. Your research and adventure into accessorizing your avatar will come into direct play in the meeting! Express yourself! Or rather, express the person who is not yourself.

FIRST HALF OF MEETING  (after all 19 of us assemble in the area):
Get a load of all our work in the third dimension, and converse with another as our 'real' selves.

SECOND HALF OF MEETING (after we are bored with our 'real' selves)
I'll announce to change into the fantasy avatar. Boom. Now we're meta. And perhaps we even start to interact 'as' our imaginary selves. Taking the whole identity thing further...


Our sandbox is actually kind of a winter wonderland by a frozen ocean. So perhaps the most fitting departure would be to walk off into the ocean. Or fly off into the sunset. Poetic stuff.

And have a great Christmas.

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